RedPort Global: Delivering Optimized Data Connections for Maritime Needs

How does a Thuraya distribution partner sell connectivity to ship owners? By making it as straightforward as possible, according to John Dark, VP of Sales and Marketing for RedPort Global.

Dark describes his company’s business philosophy as simply focusing on the provision of cost effective, optimized voice and data services. “Data over satellite has traditionally been slower and more expensive than over other connections, and yet we are seeing more and more demand every day,” he says. “Our goal is to optimize connection speeds, and doing so at reasonable prices.”

Customer Support That Makes a Difference

Maintaining a high level of support services is key to ensuring that our customers connect effectively over our network. Thuraya takes pride in being the only satellite operator to provide our customers and service partners around the world with a free 24/7 helpline service, delivered via a multi-channel contact center strategically located at our primary gateway (PGW) in Sharjah, UAE. This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing Thuraya’s Customer Care services.