Thuraya Displays Telecom Solutions that Enable Digital Oil-Field at World Petroleum Congress

Abu Dhabi, 30th November 2011: The global energy business represents trillions of dollars per annum. The industry involves hundreds of huge exploration, production, refinery and storage facilities around the globe. The majority of oil and gas sites are located in remote on-shore areas or at sea. Hence, for efficient operations and communications between the different teams and locations, energy professionals rely heavily on satellite communications, especially during exploration phases and off-shore activity which require mobility and flexibility.

Expert Expeditionist Adrian Hayes Deploys Thuraya Solutions for 1,500 Kilometer Journey

Abu Dhabi, 29th November 2011: The innovative solutions of Thuraya, the leading international mobile satellite services operator, have been selected as the main telecom service to be deployed by the Footsteps of Thesiger team member, Adrian Hayes and a support film crew during a challenging 1,500 kilometer expedition from Salalah in Oman to Abu Dhabi. On the journey, the team will be depending on Thuraya XT and the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution to support 384 Kbps streaming, Thuraya IP, for vital communications and digitally updating the trek as it happens in real time.

Thuraya IP Enables Environmental Research Project in the Himalayas

Abu Dhabi, 16th November 2011: Ev-K2-CNR Committee, an Italian non-profit organisation that promotes scientific and technological research in mountainous areas such as the Himalaya region, has been using Thuraya’s high-speed data solution, Thuraya IP as part of its research equipment. Thuraya IP has enabled Ev-K2-CNR to send data, videos and pictures as part of their environmental studies which are often in remote regions where terrestrial networks are unavailable.

Istanbul University Team Rely on Thuraya Solutions to Finish World Solar Challenge

Abu Dhabi, 9th November 2011: Istanbul University, one of the participants during the World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 km race that crosses Australia from the Northern territories city of Darwin to Adelaide, are celebrating their top ten finish amongst a highly competitive field. The team, who were supported by Thuraya, relied heavily on Thuraya IP, the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution supporting 384 Kbps data streaming and Thuraya XT, the most reliable satellite handheld with full walk and talk capabilities, for communications.