Continuing a 28-year relationship marked by 25 launch campaigns, Eutelsat Communications and Arianespace today announced they have concluded a new contract for a satellite launch in the 2012 period. The contract, signed in December 2010, for an Ariane 5 launch from the Guiana Space Centre, provides Eutelsat with launch diversity and schedule assurance for its significant in-orbit expansion programme of six satellites to be launched by mid-2013.

A busy 2011 with Ariane 5 being joined by Soyuz and Vega at the Spaceport

Building on its highly successful performance in 2011, Arianespace plans a total of 12 missions in 2011, which will include the expansion of its launcher family with the addition of the medium-lift Soyuz and lightweight Vega at the Spaceport – joining the workhorse heavy-lift Ariane 5. Arianespace’s launch manifest for the coming 12 months is composed of six Ariane 5 missions, along with two flights of Soyuz and one Vega mission from the Spaceport, as well as another three Soyuz launches from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome.